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Sunday Night KA$H Karaoke!
The first Sunday of each month (see exception for Feb. below)

PianoPiano presents our monthly KA$H Karaoke Contest.  A monthly Karaoke style contest with a $200 cash prize the first Sunday of each month (except Feb.  Feb's contest will be on Feb. 14th, 2016 due to Superbowl Sunday..  Limited to 12 contestants each month, so get here early to put your name in.  Karaoke Host will start taking entry names at 8:30pm, with the random draw for contestants to start at 10pm, with the contest immediately following.

12 singers will draw for random singing order and perform their selected songs, followed by a preliminary audience vote via our sound sensitive applause meter.  Only natural noise, made with only the human body, will be allowed, no mechanical devices (air horns/whistles, etc.)  As with any volume judged contest, the more friends you bring to cheer for you, the better your chances.

Top 3 voted singers will be entered into our SING IT BITCH! Finals Round.  Top 3 Singers will take the stage in reverse preliminary round score order, and select one of 15 songs at random using our game show style computer selection screen, from the list below, and have to do their best job singing the song whether they know it or not!  The 15 songs in the random selection, are as follows, songs will be performed in their original key unless otherwise requested.

15 SING IT BITCH! Finals Round Songs

Friends in Low Places
Proud Mary
Hit Me With Your Best Shot
Sweet Caroline
What's Up
Don't Stop Believing
Fuck You
Brown Eyed Girl
Sweet Child o' Mine
Rolling in the Deep
Fuck Her Gently
Sweet Home Alabama
I Love Rock and Roll
I Will Survive
We Are Young

Lyrics will be provided via our Karaoke screens.  Obviously, contestants are at a distinct advantage if they practice these songs in advance.  We reserve the right to update and change the list, as time goes on.

Immediately following the SING IT BITCH! Final Round, voting will once again be conducted via our sound sensitive applause meter.  Prizes will be awarded immediately as follows.

1st Place gets $200 CASH
2nd place gets a $25 PianoPiano Gift Certificate

Preliminary Round song selection will be on a first drawn first serve basis.    All questions about song selection & availability can be answered in person by the Karaoke Host.  All questions about rules and prizes can also be answered in person by the Karaoke Host. 

There will be OPEN KARAOKE both before and after the contest!



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